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How to Use The Discover Page

Sometimes you need to get lost in order to discover

Katie Knovinsky

  • My Capsules

    Capsules are our way of organizing memories. You can create a capsule to share with a group of friends, to preserve a special event, or to honor someone you love.

    O The carousel allows you to easily view your capsules by swiping from left to right. Tapping on the cover photo takes you directly to the capsule detail page.

    O To favorite a capsule, tap the star in the bottom right corner and it magically adds the capsule to the first position in the carousel.

  • Tutorial Badges

    A fun way to learn about the app, and check out our favorite features. Swipe from left to right and tap on any of the badges to get started.

  • Inspiration

    We use this space like a community bulletin board to share product updates, new ways to use the app, and blog posts.