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I started Lalo in 2020 after working for 8+ years at Amazon.com. I was tired of the corporate grind, and wanted to work on something that mattered to me. I spent a few months trying to figure out what type of business I wanted to build that would make a difference in the world, be fun to work on, and attract great talent. The moment I kept going back to was in 2019, when visiting my dad’s grave in Lexington, KY.

I was there with my family and my wife asked me to tell everyone a story about my dad. I’m embarrassed to say that I had nothing…I realized then that we can float through life sometimes without truly knowing the people we love most. I decided to work on something to help families connect, to tell their stories, to preserve family history that could be passed down to future generations. It’s been a tough climb, but we now have a product that begins to deliver on that promise. To put it simply, Lalo (my dad’s nickname) is about sharing memories with those you love. Not the stuff you put on instagram or the perfect holiday card (although that’s cool too) but the real stuff, the little stories you don’t want to forget, the memories you can look back on and pass on with pride. I hope you enjoy the product! Feel free to reach out anytime at juan@lalo.app

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