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Memory Post

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them

Bob Dylan

This is the 💜 of Lalo... where you have the opportunity to preserve memories, share stories, and learn from others.

  • manage privacy

    Privacy Options: Share a post only with the people you want. Click the down arrow to select who you want to share with.

    Share with selected people: Choose one or more people to share with in your capsule.

  • posting text

    Text for days: Write until your heart’s content or copy/paste from emails, text messages or social media posts. Up to 65,000 characters! We’ve never had anyone request it, but I would love for someone to need more characters :)

    Post now, edit later: If you’re a tinkerer like me, you can post it now and edit it anytime or save it as a draft to finish up when inspiration strikes.

  • add photos & video

    Upload up to 11 images/videos: Upload from your device, take photos with your camera or connect to your Google Photos account.

    Google Photos: Connect to your Google Photos Albums. More integrations coming soon.

    Photo editing: Tap the pencil icon to crop; or add filters, stickers, and text overlays.Click here for more on photo editing.

    Ordering:After selecting photos from your device, use your finger to drag and drop photos in the order you want them to appear in the post.

  • AUDIO uploads

    Upload from device: Upload audio files from any device (MP3s, voicemails, audio memos, etc.).

    Voice Recorder: Record a voice memory for yourself or interview a loved one.

    Slideshow: The slideshow feature is pretty cool IMHO. Add an audio file to 1 or more images and they will play as a slideshow. Give your pictures a voice!