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Capsule Detail Page

Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories

Steven Wright

This is our way of organizing memories. Only the people you invite to a capsule can see what you posted here. It’s not Google searchable or public in any way.


    Cover Photo: personalize your capsule with your own cover photo, let friends and family know what this space is about.

    Add Friends: Send an invite to Friends & Family to join your capsule. You can adjust setting for individual posts to manage privacy.

  • Managing a POST

    Delete or Edit: Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner of a post to edit or delete it. Edited posts will bet marked “edited”.

    Comment: Tap the speech bubble to comment on a post.

    Share: Tap the share button (arrow pointing up) in the bottom right corner of a post to share via text message or email. Sharing a post also grants access to the Capsule.


    Text: You can type or paste up to 65K characters, which is about 9K words!

    Images and Video: You can post up to 11 pictures and/or videos from your device or Google Photos.

    Audio: You can record a voice memo or upload an audio file like a voicemail or mp3.

    Slideshow: Create a slide show by combining Audio plus up to 11 photos. Once posted the slide show will play with your voiceover.