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Memory Capsules

We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.

Jeremy Irons

The Capsules page is your one stop shop for managing all of your capsules. Capsules are an easy way to create separate group chats or to organize memories by event, time or place.

  • Capsules

    Create Capsule:Tapping this button in the top right corner allows you to create new capsules.

    Crown icon: If you see this by the capsule name, it means you are the Admin. You can remove any post, and pause contributions from any member. With great power, comes great responsibility :)

    Star icon: allows you to favorite a capsule. Tap the star in the bottom right corner and it magically adds the capsule to the first position in the carousel.

  • Members

    Manage who can see posts in that specific capsule, create groups, and invite friends.

    Send invites: Add friends via text or email.

    Pause members: Use this temporarily to keep anyone from posting in the capsule. Think of this as a time out. They will still be able to see posts.

    Create groups: Manage who sees specific posts in the capsule. For example, you may have a group called “Friends” and another called “Family”.


    Manage Settings for individual Capsules.

    Edit: Update cover photo or capsule name.

    Pause: Keep all memories preserved, but prevent anyone from adding new memories.

    Leave: If you’re the only admin, please click on members to nominate a new admin before leaving.

    Delete: everything in your capsule (be careful this is permanent!!)