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Frequently Asked Questions

Lalo allows you to create a private space to share your family memories (think of it as a digital scrapbook). Each space is completely private, only you and the people you invite can see what you share. You can add memories using pictures, video, voice, and text; one place to keep all your most important moments. To discover new stories, we’ve included conversation prompts you can answer or ask to other people in your space. Think we’re missing something? Let us know here!

Trying Lalo is 100% Free. Our free basic plan includes a single capsule with up to 500MB of storage and you can invite as many friends as you want. Our paid premium plan is $4.99/month or $39.99/year (33% discount vs. monthly plan). Premium gives you unlimited storage and unlimited capsules. If you want to try Premium for free, let us know we’re happy to help you out :) email here.

You can still view all of your capsules and memories. What you can’t do is - (1) add new memories, (2) create new capsules, or (3) invite more friends to your capsules.

You can transfer the Admin role to any Premium (paid) member in your capsule. They will get a notification on the activity page, and must accept the invitation. Again, they must be an active premium member to be eligible.

Lalo was started by Juan Medina after working for 8 long years at Amazon. After losing his father, he realized there wasn’t a great way to preserve family memories. He lives with his family outside Seattle, WA. You can email him anytime here

We’re building a modern internet company that is in “tune” with all the privacy laws and data requirements from the beginning, rather than as a regulatory afterthought. So our principle is - your data is YOURS, you can ask about it and get it back and delete it if you need to. Lalo offers storage and tools for YOU, not anyone else.

From a technical perspective, all your post data is stored in encrypted form. Right now we use Amazon and they manage the encryption keys. In the future for making SURE we do not lose memories, we will be storing your data in different locations for redundancy. While there is always risk in storing data in “the cloud” we want to do our best to make sure nothing bad happens to it.

No one on the internet can see your posts or find your account unless you want them to. Only the people you invite to your space are able to see what you post. You can also select specific people in a space to share with, if you don’t want to share a post with everyone in the space.

No, you own your data. We don’t work with advertisers, or third parties to sell personal data. At Lalo, you are not the product!

You can invite as many people as you want to a space.

You can delete a space and all personal data from the Settings page in the app at any time. If you have questions or concerns please contact us here.

Lalo was our founder’s dad’s nickname (his first name was Eduardo).

We’ve added tutorials on this link to guide you through the process.

You can email us at info at lalo.app or chat with us from 9am - 5pm Pacific Time, Monday-Friday on our chat platform

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