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What if Lalo Salamanca had a Lalo capsule?

What if Lalo Salamanca had a Lalo capsule

When you search “Lalo” online, you’re bound to get a myriad of results. Obviously, you’ll see our website for the Lalo app, where you can learn more about uploading your family memories to share with the ones you love. But you’re also likely to find quite a few links about another Lalo: Eduardo “Lalo” Salamanca, a character from AMC’s Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul series.

Where Does the Nickname Lalo Come From?

First a brief history on the name Lalo! Lalo is a nickname for the name Eduardo in Spanish. It just so happens to be the name of our company, named after our founder Juan Medina’s father. It also happens to be the nickname for the fictional character Eduardo Salamanca. While two very different Lalo’s, they share one great name!

After seeing the character Lalo pop up alongside us in so many search results, it got us thinking:

What if Lalo had a Lalo?

As big fans of the character and the shows he stars in, we had fun brainstorming what Lalo’s profile would be like, and what memories he would choose to share. Enjoy!

Lalo’s Family Photos

A great place to start when setting up your Lalo account is uploading your favorite family photos. Here, Lalo (the character) could upload a bunch of his favorite family memories, like:

  • Navidad con mi Abuelita! Christmas with Abuelita
  • Lalo's first trip to Disneyland with his Uncle Hector! Disney Land trip with Uncle Hector Leonel and Marco Salamanca with Uncle Hector
  • Getting the keys to the Chihuahua House! Chihuahua House

Tracking a Storied Family History

Lalo could also use the app to document his family tree, so the Salamanca family can preserve the details of their lineage for years to come.

Familia Salamanca

Lalo’s Journals

Another great feature of the Lalo app is the ability to make written posts, like journal entries. See one of Lalo’s below, recounting a family meal:

Lalo App Create Journal Screen

Prompts for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Lalo is also a place for families to interact with each other. There are plenty of prompts you and your loved ones can answer to get to know one another better and preserve family memories, just like Lalo and the whole Salamanca clan do below:

Lalo App Prompt Screen

While Lalo might not have gotten a chance to use the Lalo app yet (though who knows, maybe he’ll get a chance in the next season of Better Call Saul!), he’s a great character to share a namesake with. Plus, with such a rich family tree, he’s a wonderful example to use to show how you can try out all the amazing features Lalo has to offer. So, now that you know a bit about Lalo the app, what family memories are you inspired to share?

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All the family moments that you want, without all
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