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Journaling for Grief

Journaling for Grief

Have you ever considered journaling as a way to process your grief?

When we experience a loss or trauma, it might be difficult to process the event. It can be challenging to express how we are feeling or even discuss it with others. Writing is a wonderful way to express yourself and carry yourself through the grieving process. You can express yourself freely without fear of judgment. You can even use a journal as a way to talk to someone who has died.

What type of journal should I use?

Your journal can be as simple as a stack of loose leaf paper or as fancy as a leather bound book. Prefer typing over writing by hand? There are digital journals you can use, including journal apps or word processing programs. The Lalo app is also a great digital option for journaling.

Writing online

Writing or journaling in online spaces is another way to express your grief and talk about your loss. I have found that being able to share your thoughts anonymously can provide more freedom of expression while also opening yourself up to support from others in the online community. Even in social media spaces, one might find they feel more comfortable expressing themselves there than in person. You can even dedicate a blog or social media account to journaling about your grief and the person you lost.

Some benefits of grief journaling

  • Journaling is a helpful coping tool for exploring grief and emotions.
  • It can help with meaning-making during the grieving process
  • It allows us to reconstruct our personal self-narrative
  • It can help you process your thoughts
  • You can look back on your previous entries and see the progress you have made in your grief journey

Prompts for grief journaling

Need some ideas or inspiration? Here’s a few prompts to get you started:

  • This is what I have to say to them…
  • My happiest memory of them is…
  • Today, I'm having a hard time with…
  • If I could forgive them for something, it would be…
  • Write about where you feel grief in your body

Remember: grief is not a problem to be solved

Grief is a natural response to loss. Be gentle with yourself as you move through your grief journey. You’re bound to feel a range of emotions along the way. Journaling can help you reflect on your grief, the person you lost, and guide you through the grieving process.

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