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4 Ways to Collect and Share Memories

Ways to Collect and Share Memories

It’s 2021, and families, friend groups, and communities know that it’s more important than ever to document memories. At one point in time, social media seemed like it may be the answer, but as Facebook’s popularity hangs in the balance, people are searching for a good way to capture the moments that count and share them with those who matter most to them.

Let’s review three of the main ways people tend to share memories and how you can combine these three methods to make the most meaning of your memories.

1. Taking Photos

Maybe you’re familiar with the black-and-white photos of your parents or grandparents. Maybe you came of age during a time when scrapbooking was a popular pastime.

Kodak made photography available to the masses in the 1880s, but it didn’t become affordable for most until the 1950s. Since then, families and friends have used photographs to document important moments and share memories of marriages, holidays, reunions, and more.

For some, photographs moved from Polaroids to digital cameras to being hosted on a smartphone you can keep in your pocket. It’s a convenient way to document events with people you care about. And one great thing about having the photos so close is that you can easily share them on social media, via email, text, and more.

2. Filming Videos

Videos followed after photography as ways to document memories. First just with motion and later, adding sound.

The beauty of video was the ability to take the photographs we treasured and see the people depicted in them come alive. Their expressions, their movements, and their voices could be saved and shared.

3. Writing Stories

Written stories are likely one of the oldest ways, other than oral storytelling, that humans have recorded not only our history but our most important milestones.

Some stories could be recorded as letters or essays or even memoirs. But how many families get the chance to maintain and save these documents? Paper deteriorates over time and sure, technology can help preserve the stories, but it’s not easy to find a way to combine the written story with the photos and videos to get--well, the bigger picture.

4. Combining Them All with Lalo

Technology makes it easy to keep track of our written stories, videos, and photographs. But up until recently, it wasn’t easy to combine all three unless you were an expert with film and animation programs.

Many have the ability to upload videos or photos to their smartphone, but it’s not common for them to have a good way to easily put them in one central place, where everyone who cares about the memories can access them.

But now you can. With Lalo, you can use an app that makes it simple and fun to document your memories and then share them.

Users can upload videos, photos, and voice recordings to share memories with individuals or groups of family or friends. Sign-up here and we’ll let you know when you can download and start making sure your memories last.

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